What we do

Delos aims to create value through careful management and maintenance of the plants which results in an immediate improvement in the economic performance of the plants themselves and therefore in an increase in the expected returns on investments. The main focuses of intervention are aimed at:

  • Maximize the expected useful life of the plants.
  • Maximize production and optimize costs thanks to proactive management of the plants.
  • Minimize property risks.
  • Quickly integrate newly acquired plants to exploit the synergies deriving from industrial management.
  • Rationalize the group structure to achieve economies of scale.



  • Assistance and support to the SPVs belonging to the group, in the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Plants leased from the Funds, management of the activities related to the sale of electricity and the obligations related to the incentives received from the GSE.
  • Support activities for the Funds in the process of acquiring plants and SPVs. Due Diligence on plants and monitoring and control of Due Diligence carried out by third parties.
  • Optimization of plant management and application of the best practices in the sector, also thanks to the economies of scale that can be achieved in consideration of the significant size of the installed and managed power.
  • Continuous monitoring of plants to verify production and performance in real time to ensure the highest levels of availability.
  • Continuous search for innovative solutions to maximize plant performance.

  • Continuous monitoring of plants to verify production and performance in real time to ensure the highest levels of availability.
  • Identification of possible plant improvements.
  • Periodic site visits.
  • Supervision of subcontracting of O&M operators and control of contractual obligations.
  • Insurance contracts management.
  • Management of administrative procedures and relations with various bodies to ensure continuous compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Management of energy sales contracts.

  • Timely intervention of the team to ensure continuous availability and operation. of the systems ensuring maximum performance.
  • Ordinary maintenance: preventive and corrective.
  • Extraordinary maintenance.
  • Periodic verification of the performance of the individual components of the systems.
  • Revamping activities.

Finance and Control Administration

  • Accounting management and Financial Statement of Holdings and SPVs.
  • Forecast and budget.
  • Tax management.
  • Management control and performance analysis.
  • Montlhy and quarterly Reporting.
  • Management of loan agreements.
  • Support in M&A.


Legal and Corporate Affairs

  • Management of the corporate secretariat.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Litigation management.
  • Support in M&A



  • Verification of compliance with the legally required technical-structural standards for equipment, plants, workplaces, chemical, physical and biological agents.
  • Risk assessment and preparation of consequent prevention and protection measures.
  • Health surveillance.
  • Information and training of workers.
  • Supervision with reference to workers’ compliance with the procedures and instructions for working safely.