Our plants in italy

Delos Service currently manages plants throughout Italy with a total installed capacity of , making it the second-largest operator in the Italian photovoltaic industry in terms of installed capacity. The portfolio produces approx. GWh/a, enough to provide the electricity required by over families while allowing for an annual saving of tons of CO2. There is a total of modules made from crystalline silicon with a radiating surface area measuring m2 and 12 wind turbines and 6 medium/high electrical substation.

The plants are installed in regions of Italy with the highest concentration in terms of installed power in Veneto, Apulia, Campania, Lazio and Sicily. The largest Italian plant with its 70 MW of installed power is situated in Veneto where there also there is a plant with 48MW. The other biggest plants are situated in Lazio with plants with respectively 24MW and 13MW of installed power and in Campania, with a plant of 20 MW and in Calabria with a wind plant of 30 MW.