Delos Power and Delos Power 2 are the Holdings of all SPVs that manage all plants owned by the fund Tages Helios and the Tages Helios II fund. Delos Service has supported the Tages Helios fund and Tages Helios II fund in the rapid growth and in the investment of over 1 bln Euros. Delos Service currently manages 173 plants with a total installed capacity of 406 MW. The portfolio produces approx. 593 GWh/a, enough to provide the electricity required by over 220.000 families while allowing for an annual saving of 281,000 tons of CO2. Delos Service is a team made up of highly qualified professionals.


Delos Service aims to create value by optimising expected returns on investment and improving economic performance of plants by focusing on:

  • Maximising plant life span
  • Maximising production and reducing costs through proactive management
  • Minimising risk
  • Integrating newly acquired plants to exploit synergies deriving from industrial management
  • Rationalising the group structure to achieve economies of scale


Assistance and support for the with the routine and extraordinary management of the plants, the management of activities concerning the sale of electricity and compliance with obligations linked to incentives received from the GSE.

Activities supporting in the process of acquisition of the plants and the SPVs. Due diligence on the plants and monitoring and control of the due diligence carried out by third parties.

Optimization of the management of the plants and application of best practice in the sector also thanks to the economies of scale achievable in consideration of the significant dimensions of the power installed and managed.

Continuous monitoring of the plants to check on production and performance in real time in order to guarantee the highest levels of availability.

Continuous quest for innovative solutions to ensure the best performance of the plants.




Monitoring production and periodical reporting O&M Supervisor and checking compliance with contractual obligations
Identification of possible improvements in the plants
Periodical on-site visits
Management of insurance contracts and administrative procedures
Management of HSE standards


Book Keeping
Budgeting and control
Cash flow management
Management of facility agreements
Periodical reporting


Company Secretary
Contract Drafting
Dispute Management